Innovating Healthcare
for a Better Future

Health care industry needs to provide high quality medical care to meet patient engagement.

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Biocyte-Innovating Healthcare
for a Better Future
Biocyte-innovating healthcare

Biocyte India

We deliver Quality Solutions relating to the marketing of healthcare products in various markets across the country. we are committed to provide innovative solutions for healthcare industry.

Biocyte India is a Health care company which is working with doctors, hospitals, service providers to provide a solution to the unmet needs of patient. Today with the growing life expectancy the challenges of having a Illness-free life has also multiplied. This is precisely where BioCyte would like to offer unique solution which would directly or in-directly provide solution to the patients.

One can only suggest recommendations on various aspects of individuals only after analyzing critical data, old health records and current vital parameters of the Individual.

Making Healthcare Easy & Accessible

Health and wellness is at the core of our well being. We welcome you to Health Products For You, where our mission is to make Health & Wellness accessible to you.

Map My Health

Biocyte-Map My Health-Healthcare Vault

Healthcare Vault

MAP MY HEALTH a next generation digital health vault to store all your critical medical information about your health. you can enable doctors or health providers to analyse your medical history for effective management & treatment of the current conditions. Most of the times the past health records can help the patient for a more targeted and specific treatment. Know More >>

Map My Growth

Biocyte Map My Growth-Growth Chart Calculator

Growth Chart Calculator

Map My Growth is an initiative started by Research and Referal Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism. MMG focuses on your child's growth by calculating the parent's biometrics and displaying what should be their children's biometrics, furthermore, they can check their children's Ideal Growth with respect to the Growth Chart provided by WHO.

Sleep Onn

Biocyte-Sleeponn-Sleep contol device

Better Sleep, Better life

In SLEEPONN We believe better sleep is a strong indicator of overall health. Taking control of your sleep is an important step in taking control of your health. You can check the sleep quality at any time through SLEEPON APP. The report includes heart rate, blood oxygen, AHI, sleep debt etc. The most attractive feature is customized sleep advice based on data collected. Know More >>


BIOCYTE INDIA, as a vibrant organization, harnesses a reservoir of resources. The most valued of them is the Human Resources Asset.