About us

BioCyte India is a Health care company which is working with doctors, hospitals, service providers to provide a solution to the unmet needs to patient. Today with the growing Life Expectancy the challenges of having a Illness free life has also multiplied. This is precisely where BioCyte would like to offer unique solution which would directly or in-directly provide solution to the Patients.

One can only suggest various aspects of a human being only after analyzing critical data, vital parameters of the Individual.

BioCyte India has a dedicated team for handling all its operations from analysis, SDLC operations and other technical operations. People working in Biocyte from from various different fields which include Pharmaceutical companies, Accountancy, Data Analyst, Insurance background, etc which enable us to have a 360 Degree view of the problems. We ensure timely update to our project to make it more valuable to users.

Recently, BioiCyte India has developed Map My Health which helps patient to record their medical history along with all medical tests. May My Health was conceived from a personal visit to the Doctor, who was worried about what medication to prescribe as there could a case of Allergic reaction which could be fatal. Imagine the time we spent in gathering all the Old prescription, X-ray, Laboratory Test and Medical records.


Product Name : Map My Health App

Product Category : Android & IOS App

Download Link : For Android App

Version : 2.0


Map My Health has been developed for both the Patients and Docotrs. Doctors treat patients to help them recover to normal wellbeing as fast as possible. You can help your Doctor to treat you better if we take a simple step to provide them all our Previous Health Records. Yes, Map My Health Helps you to save your Health records in a Digital format. Map My Health Creates Electronic Health Records which stores all your Data on your phone. Now your Health Valult has a new name, visit or download www.mapmyhealth.in

Your Health Vault is ready to follow your command in Android and IOS version.

Map My Health enable you to take care of Your own well being easily. You can digitally store health records and share it from any location on the globe – with only a couple of snaps of the mouse.

What we do – Offer quick online access to health records.

Map My Health, we offer you to store doctor prescriptions, test reports and other wellbeing information which is accessible globally. Indeed, even second and third level urban areas and all towns would now be able to manage their health records.